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Class is in Session – Teaching good dental habits to your kids

September 12, 2018

As children age, a bright white smile gives them confidence with a healthy smile. It’s important for parents to implement kids dental care procedures when children are too young to care for their own teeth. Later, parents and pediatric dentists can focus on teaching dental health habits that kids can do by themselves. As they mature, they can practice these dental tips to insure children’s oral health.

Promoting Kids Healthy Teeth Before They Can Brush and Floss Themselves
Once your infant is born, you should immediately start to care for their gums. Use a soft piece of damp gauze or cloth to wipe baby’s gums after they eat and before they sleep to prevent bacterial build-up.

First tooth is the time to start brushing with a tiny drop or smear of fluoridated toothpaste. A circular motion with a small, soft children’s toothbrush will make it easy to brush kids’ teeth.

As your children get additional teeth, gradually introduce flossing. Be careful not to pull the floss hard against your children’s gums, and use a gentle back and forth motion to loosen debris.

Early Dental Visits Facilitate Good Dental Health for Kids
Baby teeth are not only your child’s initial set of teeth; they are also saving places for their adult teeth. Taking your child to the pediatric dentist between the ages of six months and a year ensures that teeth grow properly and alleviates anxiety about future visits.

Most pediatric dentists can show you brushing and flossing techniques to enhance your ability to provide oral health tips at home.

Regular pediatric dental exams can alert you to children’s oral health problems
Schedule 2X yearly oral health checks; your pediatric dentist will be happy to review dental tips the kids can do at home.

Children see, children do
Children enjoy activities that make them feel grown up. In addition to caring for your child’s teeth, let them watch your dental routine. Here are a few fun ideas:

• Create morning and bedtime routines that include adults and kids brushing teeth together.
• Have contests with them. Your children may enjoy contests like who can create more foam when they brush or who can spit closest to the drain.
• Let them watch you floss.
• Practice healthy eating habits that include milk, nuts, yogurt, etc. Your child will learn to make wise food choices.

Fun Activities to Promote Children’s Oral Health
If your child has a brother or sister who already knows about dental tips for kids, let your older child help educate your younger one. A younger child can become interested in oral health when they watch their older sibling do it.

Put a chart on the bathroom wall, and let your child put stars on it when they brush and floss their teeth. Do not forget to give them praise when teeth look clean.

A favorite toothbrush makes brushing fun; look for a favorite color or a beloved cartoon character. Some toothbrushes even play music. Two minutes of music equals just the right amount of brushing time.

Practicing routine oral health for kids, monitoring your children’s dental hygiene, praising their efforts and visiting a pediatric dentist every six months can help develop exceptional dental health for kids.

At Dakota Family Dentistry, we are passionate about assisting with your children’s oral health. Contact our friendly staff today. Dakota Family Dentistry – 605-352-6999

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