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Dakota Family Dentistry wishes your family a Happy and Healthy Christmas

December 14, 2015

The holiday season is at Dakota Family Dentistry and we want to wish all our patients a happy holiday season. No matter what you celebrate the holidays, we want you to be safe and enjoy your family at this important time of year.

We know this month is filled with candy, cookies and festive gatherings. Let our 12 Tips of Christmas keep your smile merry and bright his holiday season!

#1 Beware of candy canes – Hard candy is a pleanty during the holiday season. From candy canes to peppermints and homemade treats like toffee, hard candy is delicious and readily available. But beware while biting down. Hard candy can crack your teeth if you bite down wrong. Instead of chomping away, let the candy dissolve in your mouth. Be sure to drink plenty of water to wash away sugars from your teeth, and brush after eating candy of any kind.

#2 Say no to soda – From mixed drinks to a casual cola, soda pop is a popular drink at holiday parties If bubbles are what you love, swap your soda for a soda water with a fresh fruit garnish. Carbonated water does not have sugar or acid and provides a refreshing effervescent alternative to soda. If you must drink soda, use a straw to keep most of the acid off your teeth.

#3 Watch the wine – It’s always a good idea to keep your alcohol consumption in check, but when it comes to your teeth, beware of reds which can stain your pearly whites! In addition to the possibility of staining, wines are acidic and can be harmful to your enamel. Be sure to drink water to wash sugars and acids off of the surface of your teeth. Be sure to brush well if you do indulge in reds.

#4 Say yes to turkey! – Turkey is a very healthy holiday food! It’s a great source of phosphorus and protein – both of which can help your body fight tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy. So, while you dig into those leftovers you’ll be helping to keep your teeth healthy!

#5 Healthy stocking stuffers – This year, instead of stuffing stockings with sugary treats, consider small toys, games, warm socks, or a toothbrush! There are lots of candy free stocking stuffer ideas out there! Time to get creative!

#6 Have a very veggie Christmas – Most holiday parties have a crudités plate featuring fresh raw veggies to snack on. Pass by the trays of cookies and sweets and opt to instead fill your plate with veggies. Broccoli and carrots are great treats for your teeth because they’re loaded with Vitamin A which strengthens your enamel.

#7 Say Cheese! – There’s more than one reason wine and cheese go so well together! Aside from the delicious taste, cheese is a great snack to have on hand when imbibing because the pH balancing effects helps neutralize the acid from alcoholic beverages. Plus the calcium is great for your tooth health as well.

#8 Carol while you clean – You’ve heard, “Whistle while you work,” why not carol while you clean? The optimum cleaning time for brushing is approximately 2 minutes, about the same time it takes to hum a few lines of your favorite Christmas carol. And don’t forget to brush your tongue too!

#9 Your teeth are not a tool! – With the holidays comes lots of packaging challenges! Don’t be tempted to cut tape, or open plastic packages with your teeth! Using your teeth as a tool can cause chips and breaks.

#10 Fill up on fruit – Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth the piles of cookies and holiday sweets, opt for fresh fruit instead! Fruit has natural sugars and is easier on your body than loads of refined sugars found in baked goods and candies. If you are entertaining, bake one sweet dessert and then prepare a large fruit plate as a healthier option for guests.

#11 Forget about grazing – It’s easy to eat all day while visiting with family and friends. The holidays are full of food and often snacks are left out in hopes that they will get eaten quickly! But eating all day is not good for your teeth. Grazing all day can put your teeth at greater risk for decay. Instead of leaving out things to snack on, only put out food at mealtimes.

#12 Make the holiday meaningful – The holidays are very food oriented. After the meal has finished, center your family’s activities around something other than eating. Set up a board game tournament, go for a hike, or plan an all day movie marathon. Remember the holidays are a special time with friends and family. Enjoy it!

From everyone here at Dakota Family Dentistry, have a safe, happy and healthy holiday! We can’t wait to see your bright smile in the coming New Year.

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