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Fluoride Benefits - Great for Children AND Adults

October 10, 2018

Decades of research can’t be wrong – we all know that fluoride treatments begun at an early age go a long way towards lifelong oral health.  But should it stop when we reach adulthood?  Read on to learn the facts about this powerful mineral.

Benefits of pediatric fluoride treatments
Strengthens enamel: By having your child ingest fluoride or by having their teeth treated with fluoride, their teeth become naturally resistant to problems like decay, cracks, and chips. Added perk: fluoride helps teeth look healthier; your child can enjoy smiling with no worries.

Remineralizes teeth: When oral bacteria are allowed to grow in the mouth, they create acids that dissolve dental enamel. Fluoride treatments help the teeth to remineralize, or heal, from dental decay. It can’t completely repair deep cavities, but assist in slowing decay and dealing with small problems.

Discourages oral bacteria: Treatments make it harder for bacteria to grow and stick to teeth, reducing damage.

Safe and effective: As long as patients follow doctor’s advice, the benefits far exceed any concerns and offer significant assistance to a lifetime of oral health.

Benefits of adult fluoride treatments
There are a number of conditions that warrant extra fluoride protection among adults.

Prescription intake: Many prescription medications inhibit saliva flow or create dry mouth. A reduction in saliva increases cavity risk.

Gum recession: Adults often experience gum recession, which exposes part of the root surface of teeth. These areas are softer than the hard enamel at the top of the tooth, which makes them more susceptible to decay.

Sensitive teeth: Fluoride can help with the problem of sensitive teeth. Diets high in acidic foods and beverages, general gum recession, and increased use of whitening products tend to produce sensitivity. Fluoride treatments remineralize tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Restorative procedures: Adults often require restorative work such as crowns or bridges. Fluoride can help protect the margins of these restorations, ultimately protecting your investment.

Orthodontics: Today many people opt for orthodontic treatment (braces) as adults. Braces make it more challenging for patients to maintain good oral hygiene. Just ask your kids! Fluoride can keep the teeth strong and cavity-free even with the obstacle of orthodontic appliances.

Radiation: Patients who undergo radiation treatment for cancer also benefit from topical fluoride applications. Radiation damages saliva glands, thus greatly reducing the flow of saliva. Saliva acts as a shield against the foods we eat and beverages we drink. Less greatly increases the risk of cavities.

General oral hygiene: Flossing and brushing as recommended? Fluoride to the rescue in combating the cavities that may result from neglect.

Children and adults alike can benefit from our often overlooked friend, fluoride. For more information or to arrange a fluoride treatment for you or your family, the friendly dentists and staff at Dakota Family Dentistry are here to assist. Call us at 605 352-6999.

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