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Make Dental Health Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

December 13, 2018

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with healthy smiles and ever-better dental health.  Festivities, feasting, and fun are on the minds of everyone.  We think about the best of 2018; we think about what we could have done better, including improving our health habits. We at Dakota Family Dentistry say it’s never too late to get on the right path with healthy resolutions for the best dental health ever!  To get you started, here are some easy-to-stick-to New Year’s resolutions for a forever healthy smile:

1. Brush twice a day
What was true then, is true now. For 2019, add your smartphone into the mix. Start with some music and set your alarm for morning and bedtime. Set the music for 2-minutes and keep brushing until the music stops. TIP: Did you know that there are free apps (check out Brush DJ) out there specifically designed to keep you brushing for the full 2-minutes suggested in your journey towards optimum dental health?

2. Floss every day
We don’t know why flossing is so often ignored. It takes less than a minute and your mouth feels extra clean at the end. So let’s make flossing this year’s special healthy resolution. Some people like minty floss, some prefer unflavored, some people prefer regular floss, and others find floss picks easier to use. Head to the store and pick up a few options and find what you like best. Once you start doing it every day, you will love your teeth. If it’s been a long time since you last flossed, it may be a bit painful and gums may bleed. Stick with it and if the problem continues for more than a few days, make an appointment with your dentist. Ongoing or excessive bleeding may indicate a problem.

3. Follow a healthy diet
You’ve promised yourself that 2019 is the year that you’ll eat right. A balanced diet and lots of water will go a long way to overall fitness and your dental health. When we think about it, a healthy diet may top our resolution list!

4. Break bad habits today
Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol are key to a healthy smile. Even too much coffee can result in stained teeth. Try sugar-free gum, lots of water and deep breathing. You can do it!

5. Book a visit with your dentist
Stop avoiding your dentist! Regular visits to your dentist are another way to prevent problems. A simple consultation combined with some sound advice may save you from undergoing any dental treatment and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

6. Keep smiling
It’s a fact – people who smile have longer and happier lives. So keep smiling! If you are not confident about your smile, visit your family dentist and ask us about cosmetic dentistry options.

From our family to yours...

Happy New Year

If you would like to schedule your first 2019 appointment and begin your healthy resolution, please call or visit the friendly professionals at Dakota Family Dentistry. Call us at 605-352-6999.

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