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Posts for January 2016

Taking your kids on a trip to the dentist? Try these activities to ease anxiety.

January 28, 2016

Getting your little one ready for their first dental visit can be as trying for the child as it is for the parent. We know trips to dentist have the potential to be anxiety filled, but they don’t need to be. Help your child ease into their first trip to the dentist by doing a little homework before hand. You can help familiarize your child with the idea of going to the dentist with books, activities, crafts and through simple conversation. At Dakota Family Dentistry, we know that going to the dentist can sometimes sound scary, but your child’s visit can be a breeze with these fun learning activities.

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Help Fight the Sugar Wars! February is Children’s Dental Health Month.

January 28, 2016

With the beginning of the New Year come resolutions to health and well being. Many have spent the last few weeks trying to reestablish routines, diets and workout schedules. Even though February is in sight, there is still time to add one more goal to the list, (and don’t worry, it doesn’t involve kale smoothies) - committing to your child’s oral health.

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