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Posts for April 2015

What happens when you don't brush your teeth before bedtime?

April 23, 2015

You fell asleep on the couch the night before and didn’t brush your teeth… ‘Oh well. No big deal,’ right? Wrong. Brushing your teeth only when you remember is not enough for you to keep teeth and gums healthy. You may think forgetting to brush before you go to bed once in a while isn’t going to hurt your teeth, but it will! Night time is breeding time for germs in your mouth. Food particles that remain stuck to your teeth decompose and feed the germs. These germs produce acid, which breaks down the enamel of your teeth. These germs also weaken your gums, which will lead to lose teeth. As if that isn’t bad enough, here are a few more reason’s to remember to brush and floss before hitting the hay.

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The foods you eat greatly impact your oral health

April 23, 2015

Did you know how often you eat is as influential on your oral health as what you eat. But food’s relationship with your teeth doesn’t end when you are done chewing. Biological changes occur in your mouth the minute you start to eat certain foods. Bacteria in your mouth make acids which help break down food and aid digestion. If the acid sits on your teeth too long it can weaken the enamel on your teeth which eventually will lead to cavities. In addition, poor general nutrition can also be bad for your health and lead to periodontal disease. Gaining knowledge about how certain foods affect your oral health is the first step towards choosing a mouth healthy diet.

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