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Posts for September 2018

Oral Cancer Screenings – another reason to keep regular dentist appointments

September 12, 2018

According to the Mayo Clinic, nearly 42,000 men and women in the United States are diagnosed with throat and oral cancer every year. What is even more shocking is that the five-year survival rate is just over 64 percent. However, with regular cancer screenings your dentist may be able to catch oral cancer early enough for treatment.

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Class is in Session – Teaching good dental habits to your kids

September 12, 2018

As children age, a bright white smile gives them confidence with a healthy smile. It’s important for parents to implement kids dental care procedures when children are too young to care for their own teeth. Later, parents and pediatric dentists can focus on teaching dental health habits that kids can do by themselves. As they mature, they can practice these dental tips to insure children’s oral health.

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