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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a special area of dentistry that our Huron, SD dentists are trained and educated in performing at Dakota Family Dentistry. Oral surgery may be needed to treat several types of dental problems, including wisdom tooth impaction, tooth loss, implant placement, improvement of denture fit, and to combat Temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder. The most common form of oral surgery that Dakota Family Dentistry performs is wisdom teeth removal.


Extraction is one type of oral surgery in which Dakota Family Dentistry specializes. Extraction is the removal of teeth from one’s mouth. This type of oral surgery is performed for a wide variety of reasons. One reason a patient may need an extraction would be due to extensive tooth decay that has led to a “dead tooth.” Extractions of impacted or problematic teeth are also routinely performed at Dakota Family Dentistry. Extractions also occur when some permanent teeth need to be removed to make space for orthodontic work.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is an important oral surgery where the patient’s wisdom teeth, or third molars, are removed because there is not enough space for growth. Sometimes wisdom teeth grow improperly and do not fully come out of the gum, which is called impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can be quite painful, resulting in swelling and even infection. That is why if a patient is suffering from impacted wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth removal is then needed. Also, if there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in the mouth, they can push other teeth out of alignment, causing other dental problems. Wisdom teeth removal is a common oral surgery procedure that most dental patients undergo to ensure they maintain excellent dental health.

Think you are in need of oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal? Contact Dakota Family Dentistry for more information about wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgeries.

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