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Pediatric Dentistry

Photo of two young boys playing in the children's play area.

With the commitment of family services at Dakota Family Dentistry, we are firm believers that the importance of oral health should be started in childhood and maintained through adulthood. Dakota Family Dentistry wants to help you and your family keep oral health in tip-top shape by being with you every step of the way, even from your child’s first dental appointment. Dakota Family Dentistry offers services in pediatric dentistry to promote dental health in children and works with parents to educate them on the best practices for children’s dental health.

At Dakota Family Dentistry, we want to help build the relationship between your child and our team, and that starts with a first dental visit after the presence of your child’s first tooth, or no later than one year of age. Pediatric dentistry at Dakota Family Dentistry aids in the prevention of tooth decay, education in preventative home care, and also teaching positive dental hygiene habits that children can carry with them throughout life.

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